History of JAA

1893.7.20 The Society of Anatomy was founded by Professor Kazuyoshi Taguchi of Tokyo Imperial University Medical Collage
1902 The Society joined the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences.
1916.7.25 The Society has been renamed as the Japanese Association of Anatomists.
1933.4 The directors board has established.
1936 The first volume of the collected papers of anatomy was published. The Nomina Anatomica Jena (JNA) was established.
1941 The general meeting had cancelled because of the wartime
1944 The general meeting had cancelled because of the wartime
1945 The general meeting had cancelled because of the wartime
1947 Six district associations have established.
1962 The qualification as technicians for human dissection and histology laboratory has established.
1963 Some districtal association of body donation have been established around this year.
1971 The federation of Japanese associations of body donation has established.
1993 The young investigators' award of the Japanese Association of Anatomists has established.
1995.4.1-4 The ceremony for the 100th anniversary was held and the 100th memorial records book of the association and anatomy departments of each university has published.
1995.12.4 The society was reorganized as an incorporated association.
2002 The international official journal, the Anatomical Science International was founded.
2002.3.29-31 The 3rd Asian Pacific International Congress of Anatomists (APICA) was held in Kyoto.
2004.8.22-27 The 16th Congress of the International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) was held in Kyoto.
2011.3.11 The Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami occurred on March 11. The general annual meeting of this year was held as the journal abstracts.
2012 Digital abstract system of the district scientific meeting has established.
2013.1.4 The corporation has been transferred to the general incorporated association.
2013.3.21-23 The Joint Meeting of the 120th Annual Meeting of The Japanese Association of Anatomists and the 92nd Annual Meeting of The Physiological Society of Japan was held in Kobe.